Spiritual Deals is a place to nourish your body mind and soul. We bring to you the latest high quality products and services at an incredible discount. You will see deals ranging across all of these topics:

  • Personal Development Courses
  • Life Coach Training
  • Meditation Products & Courses
  • Yoga Products & Courses
  • Massage Products & Courses
  • Organic EVERYTHING!
  • Fair Trade cool stuff

And more to come!

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About Tharyn

tharyn-headshot-smallMy name’s Tharyn and I have been on a path of seeking wisdom about myself since I turned 18 – when I saw The Secret on my birthday. Best gift from the universe ever! Since then, I have spent my days learning about meditation, conscious creation, health, body energetics, mind mastery, law of attraction, yoga, and all sorts of other spiritual topics. I write about a lot of this stuff and my journey on my personal blog at http://tharyn.me.

Since the turn of the century and the dawn of the internet, I have seen our world’s consciousness begin to expand. Spiritual deals is all about fueling that expansion by connecting higher purpose driven entrepreneurs, their products and services, with soul seeking people who love investing in themselves. I believe that we can help each other expand and grow in so many ways.

On the surface, this looks like just another deals site, but it’s not. It’s a movement. A way for like minded people to connect and exchange value for a higher purpose. I love supporting spiritually minded people in all ways and if you do too, then sign up for the newsletter above to join the fun.

Email me anytime, comments, questions, help, or become an affiliate at: tharyn@spiritualdeals.com. You may also click here to submit your own product to be featured.


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